Cloud Backup

Backup Into The Cloud

Backing up valuable files and data is an essential part of any business admin for all sorts of reasons, from tax compliance to restoring corrupted or mistakenly deleted files and maintaining an effective archiving system. Traditional paper-based storage systems take up a huge amount of physical space, and keeping your files on your computer hard drive can quickly eat up its storage capacity. An easy solution that ensures secure storage space is to switch to cloud-based back up. Store your valuable files online, securely and effectively with easy access, unlimited space and easy updating and backing up protocols. Cloud4Sure can help you establish, monitor and upgrade cloud backup services for future file retrieval or restoration as required.

Enterprise-Grade Backup 50% Faster 100% Secure

Key Features

  • Automated and on-demand backups
  • Quick and easy data restore, with granular search options
  • Advanced administrative tools and control
  • Complete data and status monitoring
  • Internationally recognised compliance and security

Key Benefits

  • Backup Exchange Online, G-Suite, SalesForce or IMAP
  • Backup SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Box or DropBox
  • Minimises the risk of data loss in the cloud
  • Assures 100% safe and reliable access to your data
  • Meet audit requirements for backup and recovery
  • Data Centres in the USA, Canada, EU or Australia
  • Easy to use

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