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Protect Your Business with Leading Cloud-Based Email Security Solutions

Today’s digital landscape relies on email. It is a primary communication channel for businesses worldwide. Securing your email against threats is vital. At Cloud 4 Sure, we understand these threats’ complexity and evolving nature. We offer robust and cloud-based email security. It shields your business from spam, phishing, malware, and advanced targeted attacks.


Unrivalled Protection Tailored to Your Needs


Our solutions leverage cutting-edge technology and real-time threat intelligence to offer unparalleled protection. We offer Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). It guards against tricky email threats. We also provide Email Continuity. It ensures that outages don’t interrupt business.


Most Effective Spam and Malicious Email Protection


Email Spam Filter and Malware Protection Service offers the highest detection rates on the market, with 99.9% guaranteed spam detection and 99.99% virus detection. Our Spam Filtering Service effectively protects mail servers against DDoS attacks and phishing emails. Our multi-layered spam filtering service blocks the majority of spam emails as they arrive—keeping the quarantine clear and easy to manage

Hosted Spam Filtering and Malware Protection at a glance

Infomail filter

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Newsletters that are not classified as spam and other infomails that unnecessarily interrupt your workflow are filtered out and kept for later retrieval. They are listed in the individual Quarantine Report and can be delivered from there if required by mouse click and whitelists.

Phishing Filter

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With the help of link tracking and other techniques, the spam filter service effectively protects users from phishing emails. Among other things, reloadable malicious script commands are detected. This enables detection of dangerous drive-by downloads, for example.

Encryption of Data Traffic

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Encryption of the transmission path between mail processing systems and the customer’s email system via TLS. Prevents third parties from spying on email data during transmission.
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Automatic virus signature update

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The virus filters are constantly updated and always current. Our own scanner, which specializes in viruses spread by email, is used among other things.
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Link Tracking

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Incoming and outgoing emails are automatically scanned for malicious URLs. This prevents a user from clicking on a link to an infected page or downloading malware, or from accidentally forwarding malicious links.
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Outbound Filtering

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Outgoing emails are also checked for spam and viruses to prevent the unintentional distribution of malware and spam emails.
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