Cloud Cyber Security

Staying One Step Ahead

Large Companies are not the only ones under attack, small businesses are too. In fact, companies with less than 100 employees count for more than 72% of all breaches in security.

Bitdefender uses a next-gen layered approach which combines proven machine learning algorithms, advanced behavioural monitoring and hardening of all servers, desktops and laptops, blocking the most advanced threats.

Bitdefender’s advanced security technologies are proven by major independent security tests and consistently rank first for detecting the most malicious samples while producing the least false positives.

BitDefender Highlights

  • Prevent ransomware and sophisticated attacks
  • Advanced Machine Learning
  • Complete Cyber-security suite, not just antivirus
  • Proven superior detection
  • Productivity improved and malicious websites blocked
  • Provern the smallest impact of user activity


Top Ranked Protection

Bitdefender constantly surpasses all competition in major antivirus/antimalware tests. Your servers, desktops and tablets will be connected to the world’s largest security cloud, with response times in milliseconds..

Smallest Impact On System Resources

Bitdefender has won the annual AV-Test Best Performance Award for Corporate Solutions in 2014, 2015, and 2016 for demonstrating the smallest impact of the protected systems.

Not Just Antivirus

With a single product, Bitdefender bestows not just antivirus and antimalware, but also threat protection from machine learning, continuous process behavioural monitoring, web filtering and content control..

Compliance Reporting

The essential protection of sensitive information is key for all businesses of any size. Bitdefender offers comprehensive layers of cybersecurity that meet the requirements or regulations of HIPAA, PCI_DSS or GDPR.

Key Functionality

Machine Learning

Machine learning routines use models and algorithms to anticipate and prevent the state of the art attacks before execution. Bitdefender’s machine learning models use 40,000 static and dynamic features and are continuous trains on billions of files gathered from over 500 million endpoints.

Advanced Anti-Exploit

This technology protects the memory of vulnerable applications like browsers, document readers, media files, Flash and Java.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-Time monitoring of all active processes running on your computers, its hunts for suspicious or unusual behaviour and takes remediation actions. This is especially good at detecting unknown advanced malware.

Content Control

Keep your users and systems safe from risky websites by stopping them from accessing an innocent-looking website that is hosting malware.
Can also configure predefined blocking of categories, like gambling or adult content.

Device Control

Threats don’t just come from the internet, they can come from inside the network to. Devices like USB Sticks and portable hard drives can introduce malware into your internal networks. Bitdefender allows you to configure who and what devices are allowed access, automatically scanning or blocking the connection.

Web Security Filtering

Scanning of incoming emails and web traffic including SSL encrypted traffic prevents the downloading of malware and blocks anti-phishing from a website.

Exchange Security and Antispam

If you still use an internal Exchange server, Bitdefender can be installed to scan email for spam, phishing, and content filtering, keeping your users safe from email threats.

Full Disk Encryption

Demonstrate HIPPA or GDPR compliance by preventing the compromise of confidential data when devices are lost or stolen by using Bitdefender full disk encryption.