Email Security

Cloud-Based Anti-Spam And Anti-Virus

Email is one of, if not the biggest forms of communication on the planet right now, both for individuals and businesses. Protecting your users with a cloud-based Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus solution should be high on the priority list for any company.

It is estimated that 50% of all global email traffic is spam, and there is a 1,000,000 new malware threats every day

Email Protection Features

  • Fast and Easy Deployment
  • Fast administrator and user email release
  • Protects against 99.9% of spam
  • Protects 100% of known Viruses
  • Automatic queuing of pending email
  • No volume limit for emails or attachments

Email Protection Benefits

  • Low, predictable cost, scaled to your needs
  • No additional setup costs
  • Ability to add disclaimers to the outgoing email
  • TLS Encryption is standard, protecting the privacy
  • Protection against Denial of Service attacks
  • Single Web Portal to view all email traffic

Free Mail Flow Monitor

Even a short email outage could cost your company that big deal you have been waiting for. Every 5 minutes we ping your mail server and record the results. If there is a delay above your configured threshold we send out alerts via SMS, alternative email address or a telephone call

Email Continuity

Email downtime can be disastrous and could add a significant cost to your business. Adding Email Continuity to your email protection solution means you can entirely mitigate this risk.

Our service enables inbound and outbound mail to be stored on our servers and is accessible via a webmail portal.

Complete access to all emails sent and received for a 90-day period will be available to users.

Email Threat Protection

Ransomware attacks are on the increase and these attacks render computers or entire networks useless by encrypting files both locally and those that sync to the cloud.

Advanced Threat Protection uses a Sandbox environment to enable the safe analysis of the email and attachment and blocks it in the event of a positive result.

When a positive result is found an alert is sent to your IT security team along with details of the sender and the nature of the attack.