Voice Services

Voice Over IP Solutions

More and more businesses that already have a reliable internet set-up are turning to a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) cloud phone system for their phone services, with the enhanced connectivity and lower rates offering attractive benefits.

VoIP can replace, or be used alongside more traditional telephony systems and is normally delivered through your internet connection, alongside any broadband or other internet services you are already signed up to.

Effective communication is at the heart of every successful business. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is changing the way we speak to each other for good. Making voice calls using your broadband internet connection offers multiple benefits over analogue telephony, from lower costs to clearer sound quality. Cloud4Sure can help you switch to VoIP, as well as choose the right system for your business and be on hand to help with any service or connectivity issues, should they arise.

Microsoft Business Voice

With Microsoft Teams And Business Voice, you get everything you would expect from a modern telephone system. Included in the solution is call control, call queues, auto-attendants, voice mail and more.

Cloud 4 Sure

Built from the ground up an easy-to-use and powerful Virtual Phone Solution. Manage everything from users, call flows and much more from the control panel.

Microsoft Business Voice


Imagine all communication in one app which seamlessly syncs contacts and saves time and money in a world classed phone system.

Built into Microsoft 365

Management and setup are built into Microsoft 365, something most administrators are familiar and comfortable with already.
Provisioning new users with new telephone numbers in a matter of minutes.

Stay Connected

Take calls, chat messages and collaborate on the move with a single telephone number available on computers, mobiles, tablets and desk phones.

Securely work with confidence

As Microsoft Business Voice Is Built Into Office 365 You Get The Built-In Security, Compliance And Manageability That It Provides, Plus All Aspects In A Single Coherent Admin Panel.

Cloud 4 Sure VoIP

Powerful and Resilient Network

Our Cloud-Based business VoIP phone system is both powerful and feature-rich and built with resilience at its core. Every point of presence has a minimum of two dedicated and geographically diverse fibres connecting them to other points on the network.


Suitable for 1 to 100’s of users. Within minutes it’s possible to set up and deliver a complex phone handling arrangement, including the provisioning of physical handsets. Also compatible with my softphone applications.

Call Control

Building complex call flows in a larger organisation can be complicated, with our drag-and-drop interface it couldn’t be easier, simply pick and choose the elements in the order you want them and join them up and the flow is ready.

So many more features

Caller menus (IVR), Conference calls, Follow me, oh-hold music include or upload your own, Voicemail, Asset and Device management to name a few. The list goes on.